For tonight ~
Anonymous asked: "What part of Cali do you live in? c:"

Bay Area

Anonymous asked: "you're hands are rlly big wow"

Yeahhhhhhhh lol ;)

Anonymous asked: "Where are you from?"

I was born I’m England but now I live in California

Anonymous asked: "you're such a doll. can I blow you???"


Anonymous asked: "you're the most perfect human being I have ever seen."

That is such a lie but thank you x

Anonymous asked: "You're such a babe ugh"

Thank you lovely x


Anonymous asked: "Pretty sure you look so sexy in that picture"






Sanctuary. by alexstoddard on Flickr.

ok let’s look at this closely
it’s 6 in the morning
you carried a massive fishtank which no doubt costs like a hundred bucks into the woods 
then you either dragged a hose or used buckets (since there’s no way anyone can carry that much water) to fill that thing up 
then you set a timer on your camera (or asked a friend) and got in it and had to keep submerging yourself in cold water at 6 in the morning until you got a good shot where you weren’t a blur and you weren’t drowning
this photo is beautiful but what

That’s what you do for art.

Reblogging for the last comment.

Real Friends by quinnbrabender on Flickr.

I wish my body was this prime
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